Which Canon Camera?

The questions asked by so many are “Which DSLR camera should I buy?”, “I want to upgrade from a compact camera – which camera should I consider?” but maybe more specifically “Which Canon camera is the best for a beginner?”

The problem that faces amateur and professional photographers alike, is that with continual upgrade and additions to the range of  DSLR cameras, the whole process can be very confusing.  It’s hard too if you are currently the owner of a compact camera, are hooked on photography and are contemplating buying you first DSLR camera.

Why buy a Canon Camera?

Well they are simply the leading if not the best Global Manufacturer of cameras from simple compact “point and shoot” models, right through to high end DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and Video cameras.

Choosing a Canon CameraHere on “Which Canon Camera” we provide a review of all of the existing Canon DSLR Cameras and aim to bring you the news of new models as soon a it’s available to the world….. we don’t want you buying old technology.

For newbies to DSLR photography do take a look at our page, “Upgrading to a DSLR” where we address some of the questions you that you a likely to want to ask.  We have all learned from the bottom up so we have tried hard to avoid lots of techie talk and present things in a language that you will understand.

The fact that you are on this site likely indicates that Canon is a name that you already use or that has been recommended to you by a Canon follower… there is lots of brand loyalty in photography.  We of course want to provide a balanced review of the various cameras that are available but to avoid confusion we have dedicated this site to just Canon Cameras.