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Canon 5D Mark III Memory Card Compatability

May 1, 2015 Posted by whichcanoncamera

Best Price Canon 5D Mark 3

Canon 5D Mark III Memory Card Compatability

Canon 5D Mark III is compatible with CF (CompactFlash) and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

However, not all memory cards have been verified by Canon to work with the camera.

Verified CF (CompactFlash) memory cards

The following CF memory cards have been verified to work with the Canon 5D Mark III for shooting or playing back still images or movies (as of March 2012).


Photography Cheat Sheet to help you “Move up to Manual”

April 12, 2015 Posted by whichcanoncamera

Use camera in manual, manual camera settingsPhotography Cheat Sheet


Move up to Manual

Moving from Auto to Manual Control of your Camera or graduating from a Compact Camera to a DSLR Camera can be daunting and so many are so troubled that they never to progress beyond the Camera’s inbuilt Program Settings. On the new DSLR Cameras whether they be Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Sony there are so many presets including the latest Creative settings you can probably get away with out ever needing to “go manual” but don’t rely on it. There will be occasions when you wish you had understood the Manual Controls as that dream shot didn’t turn out so great…. that Prize, that  Cover Shot was so within your grasp. You will at some stage need to compensate for something out of the ordinary, so you really should experiment with the Manual, the Aperture and Shutter Speed Priority settings. Just play around with the settings and notice the different effects and when you get familiar with them we guarantee you will feel like a real photographer and your photographs that little bit special….there’s a good feeling about taking a photo having used your own input and judgement.

To assist those that would like to understand some of the basic settings used in Manual – Aperture Priority, Speed Priority, ISO, Exposure Compensation, etc. we have put together a Cheat Sheet. The image below is condensed for this page but if you would like to download a large version, perhaps to laminate and keep handy, do feel free to grab one – simply click on the image then save the jpeg. All we would ask is that you respect our copyright – no rebranding”. We should add that the information is to help you understand the relative effect of, for example, a small aperture compared to a large one, rather than definitive figures. 

With the advances in Memory cards things can be confusing – did you know you can now get a SanDisk 512gb SDXC Card – check out our post “Which SD Card for your Camera”.

Enjoy your Free Photography Cheat Sheet and do bookmark for more Photography Tips.

Right Click the image to download 

Photography Cheat Sheet

Which SD Card for your Camera?

April 9, 2015 Posted by whichcanoncamera

Choosing Memory Cards for your Digital Camera

Camera Memory used to be exclusively the Compact Flash Card but technological advances first saw cards shrinking to the size of the SD card (Secure Digital) and then advances in mobile phones brought us the Micro SD card. (Post updated May 2016) One would used to think smaller meant less capacity but in the case of SD Cards the opposite has happened with the latest now boasting a staggering 512 gigabits of memory plus it’s waterproof, dustproof, X-ray proof and lots more – Sandisk Extreme Pro 512 gb .  With the relatively rapid advances in capacities and transfer speeds has come confusion as there are now an array of cards available.  So which memory card do you need for you camera?  No point in spending too much and little point in buying something that is not “fit for purpose”.

What SD card should I buy for my camera?


Types of Photography – Infographic

November 17, 2014 Posted by whichcanoncamera

The Various Types of Photography – Infographic

When you get your first camera and get the bug you may contemplate a career as a photographer but photography is a very generic term – there are many specialisations as this graphic illustrates.


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