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August 16, 2013 Posted by whichcanoncamera

CheatSheetsSince we published our Cheat Sheet last week we have had a massive number of downloads from around the Globe – in fact 111 different countries.  It is clear that photographers of all abilities are hungry to increase their understanding of the many different facets of this wonderful hobby, that many turn into a lucrative profession.Earlier this week we introduced a quiz which has again thrown up that many newbies are shaky on some of the things which seasoned photographers treat as basic.  More subject specific Cheat Sheets are in the making but I wanted to bring your attention to a great free resource of information that I stumbled upon last year and have been captivated by – Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media community that centres itself on all things visual…. mainly photographs but video and what has fascinated me “Infographics” just like our Cheat Sheet.  The wealth and breadth of information within this community is vast and one of the top 5 subjects followed by group members is photography.  Aside from being a goldmine of useful information on the subject there are “boards” (the term used for your various collections of images), displaying a huge array of photographs of all manner of subjects.

Since the community is about images it is in my opinion the best social media community for photographers.  Facebook might be big but Pinterest is hot on its heals…not my words but Forbes.  In late 2012 it was estimated that unique monthly visitors already topped 25 million which is not bad in just two years.Screen Shot of Pinterest Board

The above are a few samples from one of my own boards entitled “Photography – Tips and Tricks & Useful Things”.   I have amassed over 300 different “Pins” on everything from Portrait Photography, How to Shoot like a Pro, Photoshop Tips…..the list is exhaustive.  With Infographics such as Cheat Sheets the information is visible on the board with other “pins” a simple click on the image will take you to the original source e.g magazine article.  One of the basic concepts of the community is “sharing” and if you you see something that appeals to you within the community or on the web you can add it to you own subject specific board.

pinterestI think you now have a taste for how exciting Pinterest is, so why not have a look and get involved … it’s free as is the wealth of information that you will have access to.  If you follow this link it will take you to the site where sign up is very simple.  If you do get involved  please “follow me”  when you will be the first to learn of interesting articles that I uncover.  See you on the other side.

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New Canon 7D Mark II specification rumours

August 11, 2013 Posted by whichcanoncamera

The rumour mill is in action again and once more it’s about the Canon 7D Mark II (Mark 2) to replace the ageing Canon 7D that came to the market in late 2009.

It is said by Northlight that the new camera will be using a derivative of the new Dual Pixel Auto Focus that is to appear on the Canon 70D in September 2013.  The overall spec are said to be very close to what was doing the rounds in March, with the main changes brought about through experience with getting the 70D to market.

20MP APS C Sensor (as 70D)
12 Frames per second – target is 10
Video quality – ‘limited by marketing’
ISO 100-25600
Dual Pixel AF system

Disappointingly, I read on another source that WiFi may not be included…. being the user of a Canon 7D with Wireless File Transmitter this is a major disappointment.  Also although we earlier this year expected to see the Canon 7D Mark II this year it may not now be until 2014.

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